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The group participation process starts with the membership request application and/or by another partner's invitation. Once you are accepted in one of our groups, your operating financial information is integrated into the G20 Composite. Subsequently, the group's moderator will contact the new member to explain the G20 methodology.

A G20 requires the monthly receipt of financial / operating information in the format accepted by the group in which it participates, resulting in a G20 Composite.

The G20 Composite is the main working tool for every group, which provides detailed operative and financial results of the group's participating businesses; as well as industry averages and Benchmarks.

The G20 are integrated on average by 15 business owners from the same industry in non-competitive markets. There are three annual meetings of 15 hours each, where best practices and business management strategies are shared; derived from which commitments and improvement actions are generated for each of the members.

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