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What is a G20?

It is a collaborative process between executives from the same field, who meet to share best practices, experiences and strategies.

Groups are moderated by a G20 professional through agendas, formats and guidelines that help participants achieve the desired success. This guarantees the growth of group participants in business knowledge, leadership and decision making methods.

The process of becoming a member begins a membership application and/or by invitation from another member. Once accepted into a group, your operating financial information is integrated in the G20 Composite. Subsequently, the moderator of the group will contact the new member to explain the G20 methodology.

A G20 requires the monthly receipt of the financial/operational information in the format accepted by the group in which they participate, resulting in a G20 Composite.

The G20 Composite is the main work tool of the groups, which entails the financial and operational results of the group's participating businesses; as well as industry averages and benchmarks.

The G20 is composed on average by 15 partners of the same industry in non-competitive markets. There are three 15 hour meetings a year, where best practices and business management strategies are shared; from which commitments and areas of improvement of each one of the members are derived.


According to the type of member and group to which they belong, memberships can be divided into:

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G20 Owners

Integrated exclusively by owners
of automotive agencies.


G20 Private

Integrated by agencies
of the same automotive group.


G20 Managers

Integrated by general and/or
operational managers of different automotive agencies.


G20 Individual

You do not need to part of a group to receive
G20 Composites and have access to additional services.